Application Procedures


The applicants must fill in the online Application Form at  and receive their Application Numbers online. 

The applicants shall be responsible for the results of the inaccuracies in the application form. The information fields in the form related to the applicant's identiy detailes must be filled without changing any information and making any abbrevations in the identity details in applicant's passport.  


The e-mail adress requested in the application form must belong to the applicant and each applicant should use only one e-mail adress. This e-mail adress should not be used for any processes or in coresspondences  on behalf of other applicants.



1. Online application

2. Creation of an e-mail account for application

3Carrying out pre-registration process at

4. After pre-registration, signing in the system via e-mail adress and password,

5. Continuing registration by choosing exam center and exam language on Exam selection Screen,

6.Execution of payment transaction (by credit card/money order)

7. Uploading the receipt of payment into the system if the payment was made by money order,

8. After the registration is done, printing out the examination entrance document by clicking on examination entrance document button on the announced dates,

9. Please click for detailed information about preference and registration process,

10.  For preference process the applicants are supposed to sign in via T.R Identity No/ Passport No/ Syrian Temporary Identity No and fill in the required information completely and correctly. After the required information is filled in, the preference process is carried out. The applicants are supposed to upload the necessary documents into the system to complete the application.

11. After the application procedure is completed, the list of principal applicants will be announced at

12. Registration process;  The applicant must complete the registration process by applying to Süleyman Demirel University, Student Affairs Office, International Student Office in person between the dates specified in 2020-2021 Academic Year SDU-YÖS calendar. The applicants who do not register on the stated dates cannot claim any rights. Click on for necessary documents for exact registration.

13. In order to start studying at SDU, the applicants are required to submit a document stating that they have Turkish proficiency at minimum B1 level.