Directive for Int. Student Acceptance

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University Entrance Examination for International Students (SDU-YÖS) can be taken by international students wishing to study at Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) of Turkey. SDU-YÖS results are accepted by 74 universities. This exam is held by the SDU-YÖS Examination Coordinating Office. This guide covers the rules to be followed by those wishing to apply for the University Entrance Examination for International Students (SDU- YÖS 2016) to study at Süleyman Demirel University in the 2016–2017 Academic Year. SDU-YÖS 2016 results are valid for two years. SDU-YÖS 2016 applications will be realised online, and candidates will be able to apply in Turkish, English, or Russian. SDU-YÖS 2016 exam will take place in exam centres located in Turkey and other countries on a fully controlled, face to face basis and will be available in 6 languages: Turkish, Arabic, English, French, German or Russian. All correspondence (e-mail, post, fax, etc.), between the candidates and the SDU-YÖS Coordinating Office will be done either in Turkish or English. The SDU-YÖS Coordinating Office is not responsible for any delays in postal services or loss of communication materials. SDU-YÖS results are for students who wish to study in associate degree or undergraduate programmes. Transfer procedures of students studying in a higher education institution into SDU and registration procedures of students wishing to study at SDU postgraduate programs are not dealt by the SDU-YÖS Coordinating Office. SDU-YÖS Coordinating Office does not deal with the students’ housing, maintenance, and scholarship requirements and residence permit formalities in Turkey. SDU-YÖS Coordinating Office does not take responsibility for or act as an intermediary in applicants’ passport formalities or the acquisition of required official permissions for leaving their countries in order to take the examination. Exam fees cannot be transferred on to the following years. Although having paid the application fee, candidates who waive from their applications; candidates whose applications are deemed invalid; candidates who have not or could not have taken the examination for any reason whatever; candidates who are not permitted into the exam centre or who are dismissed from the exam centre; candidates who fail in the examination or those whose examinations are declared invalid; are not refunded. The rules detailed in this guide may be changed if the Council of Higher Education’s possible future decisions which go into effect following the date of publication of this guide necessitate such a change. In such a case, the procedures to follow will be determined by the SDU-YÖS Coordinating Office. In situations which are not specified in this guide, the SDU-YÖS Coordinating Office’s decisions will be decisive.