How can the applicants apply for the SDUYÖS?

The applications for SDUYÖS are completed through the online application system at https://yos.sdu.edu.tr/en.

Applications are accepted within the application period. Applicants must fill in the Application Form and obtain an Applicant Number.

While filling in the form: Applicants are fully responsible for any negative consequences that may arise due to the errors they make. ID information fields should be filled in with the information on the applicant’s passport without any changes or abbreviations. To the related part in the form the photograph of the applicants should be uploaded electronically. Since this photograph will be used on the exam entrance document, on the exam result document, on the student card and for the registration it must be taken within last three months before the application date and must portray the applicant easily recognizable. In order to get the Applicant Number, applicants should fill in the Application Form online carefully within the application period on the SDUYÖS website. Only the applicants completing the procedure can get the Applicant Number and password. The applications will be confirmed after paying the fee. 

How can the applicants pay SDUYÖS fee?

Applicants for SDUYÖS should pay the fee which is defined for the region they will take the exam (examination center) within the application period through EFT, money order, or credit card.

Can the applicants claim the right to a refund of SDUYÖS fee?

The applicants can claim the right to a refund of the examination fee if the 1st examination center they prefer is cancelled and they prefer a refund instead of preferring 2nd or 3rd examination center. 

Applicants who pay the fee, but decide not to apply, or those whose applications are invalid, or those who do not or cannot take the exam, or those who are expelled from the exam hall, or who are not allowed to sit the exam, or who fail the exam, or whose exam papers are invalid for any reason, or who pay for any procedure that does not require payment cannot claim the right to a refund of the fees paid. The examination fee which the applicants pay cannot be transferred to future exam dates. 

What are the documents the applicants are needed to bring along with themselves on the examination date?

The applicants must bring along their passports and examination entrance documents with themselves.

The applicants are not allowed to bring mobile phones and calculators to the examination hall. The applicants are taken to the examination hall after thier ID information is checked. It is crucially important for applicants to be present in front of the examination building at least one hour before the exam for their being taken to the examination hall on time.   

What are the things to be careful about in the question booklet and the answer sheet?

All of the questions in the booklet are "multiple choice". There are five alternatives for each question and there is only one right answer for each question. Answers will be counted as incorrect if more than one choice is marked or if the applicants’ answers overflow the given space for the answer. Answers should be marked on "the Answer Sheet". Answers written on the booklet will be invalid. It is strictly forbidden for applicants to talk, cheat or assist others during the examination. Applicants proven to be disobeying the rules will be disqualified. At the end of the examination, applicants will hand in, as instructed, the question booklet with the answer sheet to the exam proctor in charge of the examination hall. The answer sheets of applicants whose examination results have been declared invalid because they have broken the rules of the examination or who have not returned the necessary documents at the end of the examination will not be evaluated and an Examination Result Document will not be prepared.

How is the SDUYÖS score assessed?

The total score of the applicants is assessed according to the applicants' correct answers.  totals of correct and incorrect answers in SDUYÖS Basic Learning Skills Test will be counted separately. The raw score of each test is obtained by subtracting ¼ of the number of incorrect answers from the number of correct answers. The raw scores are converted to standard scores with a mean of 50 and standard deviation of 10.

Where will SDUYÖS results be announced?

Applicants can learn their exam results by logging in https://yos.sdu.edu.tr/tr/ via their e-mail adress and passwords.

What is the period of validity for SDUYÖS result document?

The period of validity for SDUYÖS result document is 1 (one) year.

What is the minimum score to choose a programme?

The applicants getting at least 40 points from the Test of Basic Learning Skills can prefer programs allocated to YÖS quotas.  For the open and distance education programs of the Faculty of Open and Distance Education, the applicants have to get at least 30 points.

Is there a language requirement for the programmes (for exp. Medicine and English) in which the medium of instruction is not Turkish?

No, there is not a language requirement for these programmes.

How are the applicants' Turkish levels determined? 

Please visit TÖMER for detailed information about this issue.

Can other universities’ scores be used in the placement of international students to Süleyman Demirel University?

The scores of other universities, which are recognized by SDU, can be used in the placement according to the order of priority specified in SDU Directive on the Application and Admission of International Students to Associate and Undergraduate Programmes.

Will there be preferences for the programmes which can be registered by aptitude tests?

Yes, there will.

What should be done to apply for public conservatory?

If the applicants are accepted to public conservatory after the choices process, they have to take the aptitude test done by the conservatory. The applicants can be registered to the conservatory only after passing the aptitude test.

Which universities accept/recognize SDU-YÖS?

You can reach the list which will be announced by our university here.